How important is Business Intelligence software? The biggest issue we hear from companies with older ERP systems is a lack of access to information. Business Intelligence systems are built to address that very issue.

Genesis’s Business Intelligence services provide Genesisclients with a clear and simple path to unlocking the information, knowledge, and value in the company’s business transactions.

As part of Genesis’s Business Process Improvement services, Genesis Software work with Client management to identify information value, and design a Business Information (BI) system. The BI design will include the following:

  • Key performance metrics
  • BI platform options
  • Information access methods: scorecards, dashboards, data cubes for analysis, and report processing
  • Business data dimensions, i.e., how we want to look at the business

Key performance metrics are developed with the business users. Genesishelps business users understand metric best practice for their industry, and educates the business user in the power of the BI system to get the information they need to improve business performance.

BI Platform Options Are Many

Genesis helps the client team understand options organized by technology and cost. Here is a list of popular options:

Genesis is an independent consulting organization. The GenesisConsultant will provide your company with a thorough unbiased view of your technology options.

Business Intelligence Improves Information Access

Information access methods have expanded greatly in the last few years. There a number of ways to improve access to information with today’s ERP systems. Some of the methods available are:

  • Dashboards – a graphical display of a business metric
  • Scorecards – a graphical of a business metric against a plan showing status with red, yellow, and green buttons or trend arrows
  • Data Cubes – accumulation of transaction information covering a period of time organized by the business view of information structured so user can “slice & dice” or pivot the information for analysis and trend insight
  • Report Publishing – the scheduling and publishing of information to users, customers, suppliers, etc. electronically

Business data dimensions are the foundation for a successful implementation BI system. Genesishelps the client team look at how they want to view the business. It starts with the transactions that make up the business processes of the business and the definition of the multiple dimensions of that information – the way we want to look at the business.