Genesis Enterprise Applications Manufacturing suite is a complete and feature-rich suite addressing simultaneous, multi-mode manufacturing and provides full shop floor control of orders through the entire manufacturing process. It provides for mass customization of products in response to customer’s unique requirements, and measures and tracks performance and quality. The solution provides tools for planning, scheduling, cost management, material control, shop floor control and reporting in, discrete, repetitive, multi- and mixed-mode, Kanban, flow, batch and formula process and co-product/by-products manufacturing.

  • Streamline manufacturing planning and execution: Incorporates best practices and enables efficient coordination
  • Improve response time: Enables timely access to accurate planning information
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Allows faster response to demand changes
  • Drive performance: Measures performance to strategic goals and facilitates adoption of tactical plans

Manufacturing Highlights

Product Data Management: Provides capabilities for tracking part numbers, bill of materials (BOM), routings and work centers, and integrates to Product Change Control (PCC) or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Manufacturing Planning: Includes fully integrated MPS and MRP and supports all production control methods such as repetitive, discrete and mixed-mode environments. Allows for simple adoption of tactical plans to meet and exceed customer expectations and changing demands.

Manufacturing Execution: Provides a full range of tools to track production and operation completions, scrap, and rework and quality results. Flexible inputs include shop floor data collection devices such as bar code or RFID equipment, SCADA, or manually keyed entries.

Quality Management: Supports product quality, including inspection and testing, incoming inspection of purchased items and inventory sampling. This includes definitions of standard testing procedures and manages inventory sampling plans and quality work orders.

CEBOS Enterprise Quality Management MQ1: Provides the functionality to meet ongoing quality system requirements, while automatically sharing data across the entire quality and business system. MQ1 allows end users to configure to their business process requirements ensuring they can meet internationally recognized compliance requirements, such as ISO and FDA requirements, and those of specific customers.

Lean Manufacturing: Supports companies adopting lean principles, Genesis’s integrated Lean Manufacturing supports Kanban, TAKT time calculations and visual control methods.

Manufacturing Scheduling: Provides a simple, visual manipulation of the master schedule and planned production. Planners can schedule production to meet demand more effectively and take action when problems are imminent.

PRO/PLUS: Tools to manage supplier performance tracking and advanced production tracking.

Partner Products

Advanced Planning and Scheduling:

Preactor provides advanced planning and scheduling tools that optimize production scheduling.

Automated Data Collection:

Factivity performs data collection directly from the shop floor to provide job tracking, labor collection, time and attendance monitoring, and job sequencing.

Radley-Automated Q*Automated Data Collection automates manufacturing transactions and simplifies data entry processes.

Eagle RF ExpressTM for Genesis Enterprise Applications integrates critical automated data collection and bar coding functions.

Freedom Technologies monitors, manages and controls production line operations, ensuring correct manufacturing and shipping procedures.

Execution Tools:

LiveSource e-Sourcing automates supplier sourcing and simplifies finding, managing, and collaborating with global suppliers.