How important is ERP in textile industries? Is GENESIS ERP a suitable Choice?

Traditionally the textile industry is highly concerned with the design or manufacture of clothing as well as the distribution and use of textiles. However, the industry has been changed extremely in the last few years.

Flexibility and rapid response has become essential qualities for any successful textile business. Achieving them requires dynamic management of the entire organization.

Genesis ERP system maintains the benefits of a standard package with a high level of adaptability, ensuring that the solution can be tailored to almost any requirement. Its modules could be configured to the needs of any textile business, whatever its size.

Genesis ERP provides a framework within which textile industries can organize their business and manufacturing know-how to create a vital management resource. Of course industry decision makers have to have rapid access to company data, but the most pressing need is to have answers to critical questions such as "What happens if...?", "How can we...?".

It is here that GENESIS ERP demonstrates its superiority as an ERP tool.