Data Archiving

In a large relational database, nearly every record must be looked at before even the simplest report can be produced. If many of the records being processed are for old, completed transactions that have no bearing on the report, you will experience poor system performance and the employees will waste time waiting for the report to run. There are a few solutions to these problems: increase system resources, delete data, or archive.

Benefits of using The ERP Savvy Inc Archiving services include:
    Benefits of using Genesis Data Archiving Service

  • = Increased system performance.
  • = Reduced backup downtime.
  • = Achievement of legal retention requirements.
  • = Access to archived data.
  • = Enhanced business processes with Image Archiving.
A properly executed archive allows you to maintain the existing system functionality and allows access to archived information. SAP Data Archiving

What is your Business Data Archiving Environment?

  • = You have an up-to-date records retention policy for all business data.
  • = You have a 3-5 year data archiving strategy.
  • =Your data growth rate is under control and includes frequent data removal.
  • =Your users enjoy rapid response times.
If the above describes your operation, congratulations! If not, The Genesis Inc Archiving Consultants can assist your staff in quickly creating an environment in which backups and upgrades progress more rapidly, archived data can be easily retrieved and you maintain positive control of your business owners database.

SAP Data Archiving Yields Business Benefits The systematic archival and removal of completed transactions from your database will provide users with faster response times and can help you avoid unplanned purchases for disk space every few months as data demands grow unchecked.

It is important to recognize when your SAP R/3 installation has reached the stage in its life cycle, when data archiving is a key concern. Continually adding storage may be a short-term fix for data growth but that choice quickly results in slower responses and longer back-up times. A properly implemented SAP data archiving solution from The ERP Savvy Inc allows you to maintain your existing system capability and allows access to archived information while at the same time eliminating wasted time and money. Our Experienced Archiving Consultants Deliver

Our consultants have delivered results like these:

Overcome the natural reluctance of Business Process Owners to perform any sort of archiving through education in brief, but lively, Archiving Awareness Workshops. Deliver timely Data Archiving Assessments that prioritize trouble tables, align legal and system retention periods, and lead the way to reduced data growth rates in all SAP R/3 modules. Perform rapid archiving to reduce and reorganize the fastest growing tables and free up significant disk space prior to an upgrade. Activate the Data Retention Tool (DART) and provide knowledge transfer in the use of SAPs Archive Information System (AS), the Document Relationship Browser (DRB) and transaction SARA for ongoing archive productivity. Implement new functionality from document scanning and workflow applications including.