GENESIS has a fully integrated Production Module covering all the activities that occur under Production.

  • Planning
    • Planning based on the Sales Forecast, Inventory levels and Growing crop
    • Production Assortment can be stored based on Production Area, Product and Crop
    • System proposes "best options" and "availabilities"
    • Can set the Minimum and Maximum Inventory levels
    • Graphical presentation of data
    • Automatic Stock seed Planning
    • The fully integrated production planning minimizes the extremes in crop results or changes in the forecast
    • Receiving can be planned based on Inspection results

  • Control
    • Control right from planning to field level
    • Capacity planning of available resources
    • Control on cost from Production Field to Sales Realization
    • Consolidated reports helps to analyze data
    • Direct control on Yield and Quality at the Field Level

  • Flexibility
    • Flexibility to design your own protocols and schedules based on various parameters (eg. Crop, crop type, production area, etc.)
    • Flexibility to manage the stock seed inventory
    • Design any kind of report based on the requirement
    • Flexibility to change or add new activity to a Field

  • Activities
    • Activities include all types of protocols and inspections
    • Activities can be scheduled and designed based on the crop
    • Automatic creation and scheduling of Field Activities and Inspections lists based on the protocol
    • Monitoring the growth of the crop through Inspections gives direct control on the yield and quality
    • Includes even the Plant Raising activities
    • Mobile support (PDA) for entering the Field Inspections and Activity results